applicant b. The employee must be given an opportunity to decline the drug testing. If the applicant does refuse the drug screening, he or she must be given a reasonable opportunity to be excused from the program. The applicant must understand that if the drug screening is "quizzed" or "contested" there is a greater likelihood that the employee will be asked to undergo a drug screening for employment after being asked to participate in a drug education program. There is an exception to this requirement if the applicant can show that he or she was not informed of this policy at the time that he or she applied for a job.

c. Even if an employer has a documented policy requiring random testing for certain classes of drugs, an applicant who has participated in a drug education program or who has been referred by a current employer to such a program does not automatically waive his or her rights to refuse a urinalysis drug test for employment purposes. An applicant who was referred by a current employer to such a program need not necessarily opt-in to it if he or she so chooses. If an applicant has been offered a job but was not made a finalist or chosen for an interview because of a pre-employment drug screening, he or she has the right to take the drug screening as a reason for declining the offer. In the vast majority of cases, however, an employee who is declined a job based on pre-employment drug testing must fight for reinstatement or fair consideration of his or her application. Again, the vast majority of employees subject to random drug screening do not contest their loss of employment.Many employers of labor in the country today conduct many kinds of tests before a candidate is employed to their fold. One of the tests often carried out is the hair follicle drug tests.

This is the way of employing safe and healthy candidates to their fold. As said, there are other kinds of tests often recommended. However, a hair follicle test is recommended because of the efficiency of tracing drugs. Remnants are often deposited on certain parts of the body such as the hair and they can be there for ninety days. Hair drug tests are recommended for certain tests such as ecstasy, PCP, opiates, methamphetamine as well as cocaine, and marijuana.

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The fourth type of urinalysis drug testing procedure is the forced oral fluid drug testing procedure. Under this category, a trained technician administers a small quantity of oral fluid to the individual. The individual is expected to then provide a urine sample for analysis. The technician carefully follows the exact procedure as described by the specific instruction manual for the particular type of drug testing procedure he or she is administering.

It is the responsibility of both the employee and the technician administering the drug testing procedure to thoroughly learn all of the necessary steps.

The fifth and last type of urinalysis drug testing procedure, we will discuss is the battery cell urinalysis drug testing. This is also the most expensive and the most intrusive method available for random drug testing. Essentially, two single cell batteries are placed in the person's urine in order to determine the drug level in his or her blood stream. The two single cell batteries give results in less than one minute each, whereas a battery cell electrolysis method is much faster.

4 Methods Of Passing A Drug Test

Because the urinalysis drug testing program administrator is in direct contact with the subject, many employers prefer that he/she be a certified nurse assistant prior to administering any such test. However, a Certified Nursing Assistant is not always necessary for this type of drug testing program. A urine drug screen can also be performed by a home pharmacist or a drug store clerk who has recently been trained on how to read a patient's urine. In the case of a home pharmacist, the employee must also sign a consent form acknowledging that he/she understands the potential harmful results of drug exposure.

It should be noted that the administering of this drug testing procedure may not be covered by insurance. If the employer does not have a policy against it, one should ask about coverage options and whether or not the employee would have to pay for the cost of an independent urine specimen. Most companies will cover the costs of obtaining a urine specimen if it is performed by a certified NHTSA approved urinalysis technician. Urinalysis results are usually available within five minutes.

  A drug test is required for a variety of reasons. One of the most prevalent reasons is to look for work. Most organizations place such a high value on drug testing because they understand that a well-run drug-testing program ensures a safe and productive workplace. This practice is critical for jobs that put numerous people in danger, such as truck driving or traffic control. THC detox for drug tests can be used for various reasons, including keeping their medals, maintaining a good reputation, keeping their jobs, and avoiding jail time. Continue reading to learn how drug tests and detoxification work so you can be in the best possible position to pass.

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